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Three Stream Online Analyzer Installation in HFA Unit

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Miklos Gal - MOL PLC.


Courtesy of MOL Plc.HF Alkylation Unit in Mol Danube Refinery has been commissioned in the end of 80s’. Unit can produce 200kt/y alkyl-gasolene processing C3-C4 olefins from ETBE and FCC units. The composition of the feedstock and the recirculated isobuthane has to be continuously analyzed in order to ensure energy efficient operation and proper product quality. Online analysis had been provided by a gas chromatograph installed in 1998. Replacement has been required as instrument became obsolete without manufacturer support. Furthermore one of the most significant parameters is HF acid purity that plays an important role in alkylate product quality, furthermore water content of the acid strongly influences corrosion. HF sampling and lab analysis has been carried out manually so far that means high HSE risks. MOL decided to avoid difficulties mentioned above and to substitute GC measurement by chemometric model based FT-near infrared spectroscopy that can provide accurate HF acid/water/ASO measurement. Our presentation discusses measurement method, details of commissioned fiber-optic solution and installation, model building and operational experiences.

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