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The Pursuit of Low Emissions: the Development of Catalytic Options for High Sulfur Recovery

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Marco van Son - Jacobs Comprimo Sulfur Solutions


courtesy of Jacobs ComprimoDue to ever increasing environmental regulations, upstream and downstream processing sectors are being required to recover sulfur at higher and higher sulfur recovery efficiencies. At the same time, there has been a trend to limit the CO2 footprint of the facilities that are designed, installed and operated to recover the sulfur that is present in the various sour feedstocks that need to be processed. Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions developed and made available to industry the SUPERCLAUS® technology in 1988 and since has improved its performance with the development of the EUROCLAUS® technology in 2000 and continues to improve the technologies to be able to keep up with the severity of the environmental regulations. This paper will present the recent developments of the Jacobs sulfur technologies with the gradual increase in sulfur recovery requirements. Through a combination of optimizations and modifications to the original SUPERCLAUS® technology, it is possible to meet sulfur recoveries ranging from 98.5% all the way up to 99.99% with lower capital cost and CO2 footprint compared to amine-based tail gas treatment units.

Marco van Son - JacobsMarco van Son is the Technical Manager of the Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions group. He has been with Jacobs for over 14 years and has over 22 years experience in sulfur related projects. Marco has presented a number of papers at sulfur industy conferences and published several articles in Hydrocarbon Engineering, Hydrocarbon Processing and Sulphur. Marco is enjoys playing volleyball in the winter and golf in the summer.

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