The Ideal FCCU

Presented By

Al English -

Conference: Galveston 2016

What would the ideal FCCU look like? Don’t worry about the cost.

Consider equipment, services, people, training, processes, procedures, etc. Ideas can be for reliability, safety, efficiency, cost savings or productivity. Here’s some wishes to get your brainstorming started:

  • The price of rare earth would never fluctuate.
  • Refractory would last 50 years.
  • The shell would not delaminate.
  • Chemicals would not corrode hexmesh (well we can all dream).

Members of the audience are invited to make a suggestion for the wish list and will find that others sites are already doing it.
Alert vendors will take good notes, then go back to their R&D department to suggest what they might design and sell.

As a group, we will then discuss some of the intriguing ideas to see what kind of potential they have.

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