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The Benefits and Challenges of Filter Cleaning in FCC and Chemical Process Applications

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Sue L. Reynolds - Carolina Filters Inc.


The Benefits and Challenges of Filter Cleaning in FCC and Chemical Process ApplicationsVarious forms of filtration are used in FCC and Chemical Processing applications. Typical issues related to inadequate cleaning of FCC Slurry Oil Filters are

In the FCC and Chemical processing industry, contaminants can range from minor particulates to heavy petroleum bottoms.

Carolina Filters, Inc. has developed a propriety method for successfully removing asphaltenes, organics, and inorganic catalysts fines/sulfur from metal filters, along with, testing methods that quantify the media cleanliness. Bringing the filter media matrix back to a ‘like new’ condition will minimize or eliminate the typical issues related to inadequate cleaning. Effective cleaning & testing will also reduce costs associated with spare filter inventory purchases.

In developing the appropriate cleaning and testing process, Carolina Filters works with filter manufacturers to understand constraints of the metallurgy & filter media in relation to the chemical and mechanical cleaning process.

While there can be challenges to cleaning metal filters for re-use, there are benefits to pursuing cleaning.

This presentation provides information on the challenges and benefits of filter cleaning in the FCC and Chemical Processing Industry.

Sue Reynolds - Carolina Filters (1)Sue L. Reynolds has been with Carolina Filters for 29 years. During that time, she has worked in all aspects of the cleaning operation with major duties involving process development, procedures, and working with customers in Technical Sales. She has BA in Chemistry from Winthrop University and a Masters in Mathematics from the University of South Carolina. She has published several papers with AFS that cover various aspects of cleaning & testing. In her spare time, she loves to scuba dive with husband and friends.

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