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Temperature Measurement in the DCU, FCCU, and SRU

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Aaron Nogan - Daily Thermetrics


In this presentation, we will be identifying and discussing the most critical tool for temperature measurement in each of these process units. The data acquisition tools to be discussed include: heater tube skin thermocouples, high hardness thermowells, and Daily Thermetrics’ ImpermaWell™ technology for reaction furnaces. In each case, we will outline the most common design challenges or failure mechanisms, and we will share our expertise on how to overcome these challenges to capture consistent, accurate, and reliable temperature data.

Aaron Nogan HeadshotAaron Nogan is a Regional Sales Manager at Daily Thermetrics. He has 7 years of experience in OG&C and is proud to have led field assignments on 4 continents during his tenure with Daily. Outside of work, Aaron loves to play the guitar and spend time outdoors.

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