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Temperature Instrumentation in Residue Hydrocracking – Considerations & Compliance

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Taylor Fama - Daily Thermetrics


Short Presentation Description:
RHU temperature instrumentation presents a unique set of challenges for design and requires a special
set of capabilities to produce. The various process licensors in this market have different philosophies on
how to approach this application, each of which with their own unique considerations. Common pitfalls
and challenges will be discussed to help the operator minimize risk and maximize efficiency.

As regulatory demands such as IMO 2020 come online and margins become slimmer, many operators
around the globe are considering the addition of residue cracking processes, or upgrades to existing
units. In ebullated, slurry and fixed bed reactor configurations, the hydrogen ricpressure/temperatured
with high pressure / temperature conditions, make comprehensive and reliable monitoring systems of
utmost importance to ensure a safe operation while maximizing ROI. The critical temperature
instrumentation for these specialized applications requires a depth of understanding and manufacturing
capabilities that are not common in our industry, and failure to understand these unique requirements
can result in consequences ranging from costly delays to catastrophic failure. Daily Thermetrics has
extensive experience in a variety of temperature measurement technologies that are suited for and in full
compliance with licensor specifications for these processes. Design considerations and logistical
challenges will be discussed that will help the operator understand some of these unique challenges as
well as improve on data quality, reliability and total installed costs.

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