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Sulfur Pits – On-Line/Off-Line Evaluation Approach

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Thomas Kline - Structural Technologies


Understanding subsurface Civil Infrastructure in refineries has always been a challenge. Critical assets, such as reinforced concrete Sulfur Pits, add another layer of difficulty because they are rarely off-line and available for investigation or maintenance. Often, an out-of-sight out-of-mind approach is taken, putting both the structure and its operating personnel at risk.
Advances in technology now allow for a more systematic evaluation – the On-line/Off-line Evaluation Approach – to be implemented. The On-Line/Off-Line Evaluation Approach allows for an initial assessment on-line and data validation during planned short-duration plant outages.

Information gathered during these evaluative efforts provide Maintenance Managers with critical information in order to make informed maintenance decisions.
Through a review of testing technologies and an overview of case histories, this article details how Maintenance Managers can use this effective tool to maintain their critical subsurface assets.

image courtesy of Thomas Kline

image courtesy of Thomas Kline

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