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Successful Approach to the Repair of Reinforced Concrete Support Structures in DCUs

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Thomas Kline - STRUCTURAL Technologies


Facing challenges of controlling day-to-day process operations, managers of delayed coking units face equally critical issues of maintaining structural integrity of their reinforced concrete support structures. Not surprisingly, deterioration and damage to reinforced concrete support structures can have a severe and costly impact on delayed coking operations, often leading to unforeseen and costly shutdowns. Failure to monitor and remediate damage can lead to significant harm to the unit and operating personnel.

Concrete problems can stem from defects associated with design, construction, or materials. Additionally, there can be institutional factors that contribute to shortening the structures service life of even the best intentioned reinforced concrete construction project. This Presentation will discuss reinforced concrete distress associated with exposure to delayed coking operations, available repair strategies and reinforced concrete repair implementation following Industry-Best Practices featuring numerous Case Histories.

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