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Strategies for Maximizing FCC Light Cycle Oil

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Ann Benoit - Grace Catalyst Technologies


Processing opportunity crudes as well as upgrading the bottom of the barrel into light cycle oil (LCO) and lighter products are some of the challenges facing refiners looking to maximize the value from their Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) units. Maximizing FCC LCO yield requires re-optimization of product cut point, operating conditions and catalyst technology.

It is well known that LCO-to-gasoline ratio can be increased through lowering conversion by adjusting FCCU operating conditions and decreasing catalyst activity. The drawback of this approach is the increase in bottoms yield. Recycle is often required to fully maximize LCO while maintaining bottoms yield consistent with a traditional maximum gasoline operation. In this presentation we will provide a general discussion of strategies to maximize LCO in the FCCU and present data which quantify the effects of various recycle streams.

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