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Stoichiometry-Controlled Oxidation: A technical and economical camparison between a conventional Sulphur Recovery Unit and one with an ammonia bypass

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Stijn Hoffland - Duiker Combustion Engineers B.V


Duiker Combustion Engineers BVThis presentation compares two process line-ups which can be utilized to treat large quantities of Sour Water Stripper (SWS) gas in a refinery environment. The first line-up is the conventional straight through processing of SWS gas with the use of a three stage Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU) and a SUPERCLAUS® + Caustic Scrubber tail gas treating section. The second line-up bypasses the ammonia around the SRU through the use of a two stage SWS and Stoichiometry-Controlled Oxidation (SCO) unit. This presentation shows that the same technical performance and sulphur recovery efficiency (98.8%) can be achieved. Additionally, this presentation will outline the economic impact from both the investment as well as the operational expenditure perspective. Lastly, this presentation will outline the economical niche in which the alternative processing line-up provides a more economical solution than the conventional processing of SWS gas.

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