Steam Purge Structure Valves Tech Talk

Presented By

Charles Marcantel - Global Service and Repair

Participating Companies - ValvTechnologies, MOGAS Industries, Inc., MIAM North America, Ampo Poyam, Bay Valves

Conference: Galveston 2020

Let’s talk about Steam Purge Structure Valves. On Friday, May 15th, join representatives from major valve manufacturers and well-known repair companies for a deep dive into the reliability issues and service challenges of these critical valves.

This session will explore

  • How to differentiate failure modes like plugged steam purges, failed seats, broken stem, broken actuators/gearboxes.
  • Features of the valves that will get it from turnaround to turnaround
  • Preferred repair companies
  • R&D and Investment
  • Response time for repair
  • Pre TA evaluation time.
  • Availability of replacement valves

Take advantage of this 120 minute session to ask questions, discuss your experiences and find the solutions needed to avoid unplanned shutdowns.

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