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SRU Safety Discussion

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Noel Vicente -


Safety is the number one concern of all refineries and gas plants, especially in the sulfur recovery unit because of the H2S and the corrosive nature of its process stream. During this presentation, will show pictures of equipment damages and safety incidents while the attendees discuss the cause, effect, and prevention. By understanding the process and operation, operators and engineers will be able to operate their SRU safely and efficiently.

Noel VicenteNoel has worked in all aspects of Sulfur Recovery, including Analytical and Field Testing, Operations and Troubleshooting, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning, and Process Engineering, and he has been involved with the start-up/shutdown of various refineries and gas plants globally. A highly experienced and sought-after instructor, Noel conducts regional and on-site training for sulfur plant operators, engineers and key staff for refineries and sour gas processors around the world. Noel also teaches fundamental engineering theory review courses to foreign-trained engineers.

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