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Specifying Coke Cutting Safety & Maintenance Technology into new Projects

Presented By

Andrew Worley - Flowserve


Coke Cutting Technology has advanced quickly in the past decade to include significant safety & maintenance improvements, but these do not always get included in new cokers due to cost cutting by EPCs. This talk will focus on the most important considerations that should be written into the specifications for the EPC and what checks should be done during the project to ensure they are implemented. New cokers should always include Remote & Automated control systems to improve the safety and consistency of the coke cutting process, egress and maintenance access at multiple decks and considerations in the equipment for field maintenance.

The Flowserve Remote Cutting Systems moves the operator to a safe location while providing him with the necessary information to make a consistent cut using audio, visual, & direct drum vibration readings. These systems replicate the senses that the operator currently uses to cut coke and adds additional information to turn the art of cutting into an information driven cutting process for the operator. Automated decoking adds to remote cutting a proprietary algorithm resulting in consistent, optimum cutting times. The proprietary cutting algorithm is optimized for each site and can handle multiple types of coke, exceptions that are seen during the normal cutting process and is based on the best cutting practices learned at multiple locations with the best practices from the local site incorporated into the algorithm.

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