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Solvent Selection Criteria for Targeted Products in Deasphalting

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Gopal Akilla - Wood


Solvent Deasphalting (SDA) is a cost-effective and straight forward bottom of the barrel upgrading technology. Solvent selection is the key component in a SDA unit in achieving the desired deasphalted oil (DAO) yield for economic return, while the corresponding qualities will minimize the downstream unit processing requirements. Currently, refiners are also focused on the asphalt byproduct use, and thereby can increase their overall return on investment on their SDA.

This presentation will provide a rationale for selecting solvents, such as propane to pentane or a combination thereof in a SDA unit. The DAO yield and qualities resulting from the choice of solvent shall be explained. These DAO qualities will be compared based on different downstream processing unit quality requirements relating to a Lube unit, FCC unit, fixed bed Hydrocracker or an ebullated bed hydrocracker.

The DAO yield sets the asphalt product qualities and shall also be discussed and their potential use. The solvent and SDA products’ relationships are discussed to help the refiner plan for a new or revamp of an existing SDA unit.

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