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Solutions for Maximizing Value with FCC Feeds from Opportunity Crudes

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Alexis Shackleford - BASF


In today’s competitive refining landscape, refiners can take advantage of processing lower cost opportunity crudes to improve margins. Two very different types of crudes may be available to refiners. Tight oil crudes are typically light, sweet, paraffinic and have low residual content. Alternatively, heavy crudes such as oil sands derived crudes are sour, aromatic, and high in concarbon and contaminants. In the US, it is projected by 2025 that over 50% of the crude slate to refineries will be comprised of tight oils and Canadian imports. Whether the refinery chooses to operate with one or both types of feed, operation of the Fluidized Catalyst Cracker (FCC) will encounter new challenges. Every situation is unique, and requires a tailored catalyst solution.

This presentation will illustrate how BASF is helping our customers capture maximum value with opportunity feeds through operating strategies, innovative catalysts and our strong commitment to technical service. BASF has an extensive catalyst portfolio to provide the flexibility required to process these crudes.

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