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Slovnaft’s FCC Contribution to the MOL Group’s 2030 Strategy

Presented By

Norbert Kovac - Slovnaft

Dominik Gibala - Slovnaft


Courtesy of SlovnaftThe world is changing and we have to change with it. Petrochemicals are more and more important every year and propylene become one of a key directions towards MOL Group 2030 strategy. FCC unit plays a huge role in propylene production within Slovnaft refinery (~40% of overall Slovnaft propylene output). The unit went through a revamp in 2006 when capacity was increased from 105 t/h to 136 t/h of vacuum distillate processing. Nowadays when increasing the severity towards propylene production, several bottlenecks are reached e.g. in the LPG Merox and propane/propylene splitting section. Those limitations need to be tackled in order to contribute to the MOL group strategy.

Norbert Kovac, Slovnaft - presenter at RefComm Budapest 2017Norbert Kováč is a Process Engineer for Slovnaft, Member of the MOL Group. Before joining Slovnaft, Norbert worked in the Danube Refinery and in the TVK (now MOL Petrochemicals) of the MOL Group holding various positions including Energy Efficiency Engineer. Norbert holds an upper second class Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Pannonia, Veszprém with specialization to Crude Refining.


Dominik Gibala, Slovnaft - presenter at RefComm Budapest 2017
Dominik Gibala is a Technology Development Engineer in Slovnaft refinery, member of the MOL Group. He is currently responsible for development projects at FCC complex (FCC, Alkylation, ETBE) and support of strategic development projects in MOL Group. Prior to joining this position he was working as energy specialist and before as project engineer in Slovnaft and Duna refinery covering different production units. Dominik holds a Masters degree in Chemical Process Engineering from Slovak University of Technology.

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