Shell’s Latest Improvements in FCC Feed Nozzle Technology – a Step Change in Performance

Presented By

Todd Foshee - Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Conference: RefComm 2021

Shell has long been a developer of FCC feed nozzle technology, but over the last 5 plus years, Shell’s R&D efforts have led to a significant improvement in feed nozzle design in terms of conversion, selectivity and feed flexibility. Shell’s efforts started with using new analytical techniques that identified previously unknown portions of the spray pattern called globules, or unatomized portions of the liquid. Once identified, changes were made to Shell’s feed nozzle design to drastically reduce globule content and significantly improved feed nozzle performance. Since 2016, Shell’s new feed nozzle design has been implemented in just about all of Shell’s FCCU’s as well as some third party locations with each of the installations showing dramatic reductions in bottoms make and increases in gasoline minus yields. This presentation will focus on the results from 4 sites where the data has been audited.

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