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Seven Ruhrpumpen Coke Cutting Systems for India

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Dr. Wolfgang Paul - Ruhrpumpen Group



The country India has a long tradition and many references for implementing delayed coking units (DCUs) into Indian refineries. From smaller and older cokers to cokers with eight drums and cokers with maximum drum sizes– a variety of all types are available. Having cokers in this area and climate requires the right equipment to function effectively. Ruhrpumpen has built, delivered and upgraded several systems for hot climate conditions, specifically within India.  Over the last ten years, we supplied and installed six Coke Cutting Systems, and we provided new technologies, including our electrical Coke Cutting Systems with several new control features. Several issues had to be solved inside and outside, over the years, and these experiences will be covered in the presentation. The delivered Ruhrpumpen Coke Cutting Systems marked a new milestone in the Coke Cutting technology, especially within India, and this will also be a key focus of the presentation.

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