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Safety and Reliability…from Turnaround to Turnaround

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John Norris - Stress Engineering Services

Derrick Rogers - Stress Engineering Services


Through the years, at SES, our focus has been supporting our customer’s ability to get from turnaround to turnaround safely and reliably. Let me make sure I say this first ……we/SES understand the importance of safe operations and make that our #1 priority when supporting our customers. In our review processes, and when on-site with conditions assessments we understand the high risk involved. 

Whether a customer is in the planning stages of a turnaround and developing the scope, or just found an unexpected anomaly and needs to determine whether they can run safely to the upcoming turnaround, or they need to come down for repair. We support their efforts in evaluating both of those of scenarios to understand the risks associated with each,  and develop a cost-effective plan for mitigating failure. 

Throughout this presentation we will outline SES’ resources and capabilities that enable us to evaluate critical components to determine how long they can operate safely and reliably in a given environment. SES capabilities range from material evaluations, to full scale testing for validating materials, to computational analysis to simulate the component under a set of operating conditions.

Many of our customers in today’s environment are pushing their turnarounds out, and opting for reduced schedules to minimize the impacts on budgets and  profitability. SES has been able to help customers assess the rate of damage to critical components, determine the remaining life, so they have a basis to make an informed decision whether to come down now or delay the repair for a scheduled opportunity.  We work with the customer to develop an inspection strategy, and outline the information needed to quantify if the component is safe and reliable to operate for an extended period of time. If the component is high risk we provide run/repair/options for the customer.

John Norris, P.E. – Principal, Stress Engineering Services

After a 26-year career including fabrication and in plant engineering support, John is working in the Plant Services area of Stress Engineering in order to assist clients with practical and actionable solutions to their equipment problems. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University and is a registered professional engineer in Louisiana and Texas.

Derrick W. Rogers  – Principal, Stress Engineering Services

Derrick is a Principal and the Business Development Leader for SES’ Plants Services (Downstream Petro-Chem) and Consumer/Medical Technologies practices. He has been working in the energy industry for over 35 years, helping customers develop solutions for mechanical integrity related issues. In the earlier part of his career, he worked with a specialty welding company that utilized automated welding for the repair and restoration of pressure vessels serving the power generation, pulp and paper, and downstream markets globally. Leveraging the market , customer, and component knowledge, began working with Stress Engineering Services to expand its customer base and market participation.

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