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Safe and Resource-saving Operation of FCCU: Real-time Vibration Analysis

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Andrey Kustyokov - SPC Dynamics


The stationary monitoring system COMPACS® provides safe ecological resource-saving operation of fire explosive production facilities, accidents and equipment failures prevention by real-time vibration analysis and comprehensive condition monitoring. The COMPACS® system automatically provides real-time diagnostics, monitoring and forecast of the machinery health degradation, giving recommendations to operators and maintenance staff on the nearest urgent actions to be taken by means of the color, text and computer voice.

Real-time vibration analysis (RTVA) is diagnostics of the main equipment and its assembly’s malfunctions with a probability close to 1, on continuously adjoining such time intervals when the machinery condition does not change significantly. The machinery computer monitoring by the COMPACS® system allows to detect timely the destructive loads, defects and malfunctions. Also, it gives the opportunity to take actions on the restoration of the acceptable condition and to prevent the malfunctions developing.

The presentation gives the examples of safe and recourse-saving operation of FCC machinery and shows the calculation of economic efficiency from the usage of the COMPACS® system in the FCC unit.

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