rHCU Equipment Risk and Reward

Presented By

Ken Eubanks - IRIS NDT

Syed Mumtaz - Freelance Consultant

Conference: Galveston 2019

Compare notes with operators and vendors in a discussion on what RHCU equipment has the most risk, and what has the most reward.

  • Look at equipment from the perspective of maintenance, reliability, operations, instrument and electrical, machinists, pressure equipment integrity (PEI), risk-based inspection (RBI), etc
  • What cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, testing, replacing do you never avoid.
  • You have to spend the extra time and money on “X” because we can’t afford to have it fail.

Next we’ll have a wish list discussion. For example,

  • what instrumentation has enabled you to be more accurate or increase production, or
  • what valve has lowered your safety risk, or
  • what equipment allows you to be more versatile, or
  • I wish we had installed “X” so we could do “Y” or
  • what are some other examples.

And if there is time and interest, there could be a discussion from a capital dollars approach, what revamps or upgrades make the most sense with current needs and in today’s economy.

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