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Residue Hydrocracking Purge Systems

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Jon Isley - Fluor


Process fluid purge systems have been employed to improve the reliability and performance of recent residue hydrocracking facilities. Effective purge system designs provide a continual flush of instruments and piping dead-legs to significantly improve the integrity and reliability of instrument monitoring systems for operations, which improves both run length and plant safety. This discussion will highlight experiences and lessons learned in implementation, including innovations to reduce plot space requirements, facilitate system installation, and improve plant operability. These benefits can be achieved while minimizing the total installed cost.

Jon Isley - FluorJon Isley has 25 years of process technology experience in the refining and gas processing industries.  His career spans a spectrum of process technologies, with particular focus in developing bottom-of-the-barrel upgrading projects in Canada, Asia and Europe.  Leveraging these experiences he has become a globally recognized subject matter expert in residue hydrocracking technology. He has written several papers and given presentations on related heavy oil upgrading subjects, including the integration of CO2 capture into oil upgrading on the Shell Quest project which was completed in 2015.  Jon graduated from the University of Notre Dame and now makes his home in Calgary, Canada.

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