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Remote Intelligent Hydraulic Decoking Control System

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- Luoyang Jianguang Special Equipment Co., Ltd.


In the delayed coking industry, manual decoking is a dangerous operation. Working above grade on a 30+ meters platform and in other hazardous conditions, may lead to misjudgment, equipment damage, and decoking incompletely.

Remote Intelligent Hydraulic Decoking Control System (RIDS) researched by SINOPEC Zhenhai, LPEC and Luoyang Jianguang Special Equipment Co. Ltd was first put into use in Zhenhai in 2012. RIDS can effectively improve the safety of coke production by removing operators away from the cutting deck and eliminating any potential dangers to personnel during decoking operation. The combination of the cutting tool, decoking control valve, and drill stem top drive along with sensors and decoking analysis software make the process control efficient.

Currently, RIDS is being used in five refineries and the stability and security are fully tested.

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