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Reliability Improvement of Charge Pump

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KV Prasad Rakoti - Gujarat Refinery, IOCL

Sunil Kanti - Gujarat Refinery, IOCL


Delayed Coker Unit of Gujarat Refinery (IOCL) was commissioned in April 2011 having capacity of 3.7MMTPA. Feed (VR+RCO) at 270 deg C from Coker fractionator heated to its thermal cracking temperature and routed to coke drums through Coker valves (Make: Velan) like Switch valves (M-08/09) and Drum Isolation valves (SP-06A/B/C/D) with help of heater Charge Pump. Three Heater charge pumps are installed of capacity 295.4 m3/hr @ 574.74m, 1100KW each. This pump is design features of between bearing, two stages, 1st Stage impeller double suction and double seal with API Plan 32+52.Two pumps running in parallel and third one as stand by for two heater operation for four coke drums. Pump-A is Turbine drive and other two are Electrical drive, Motor.

Since from the commissioning, heater charge pump is unreliable and observed repetitive failures like NDE seal leak, damage of thrust bearing in every once in 2-3 months. After analyzing all different failures, following are the main causes and remedies are as follows.

After implementation of all above actions MTBF of the pump increased from 3 months to more than a year and reduced the production interruptions and also steam saving of 5Kg/MT due to replacement of pump internals.

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