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Refinery Maintenance Services

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Steve Houghton - Groome Industrial Service Group, LLC


Groome has applied its expert refinery maintenance services to several industrial applications including gas and diesel engines, refinery off-gas combustion, turbines, flue gas from boilers and HRSGs.  Efficient NOx reduction is only possible through a properly designed, installed, and maintained SCR catalyst system.  Groome will present some of the options you need to consider when making any changes with emissions catalysts and other systems at your facility.  This includes the catalyst itself, AIG, sampling grid, fin tubes and more!

Steve Houghton, VP of Sales at Groome Industrial Service Group, is well-versed in all the industries Groome represents: HRSG, Refinery, Industrial Cleaning, Surface Preparation & Coatings, and Door & Mechanical Services. Steve has a track record of success in his sales and marketing roles at companies providing industrial supplies and services over his 16-year career.

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