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Realize Maximum DeltaValve Advantage – Minimize Unexpected Cost

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Les Osborne - DeltaValve LLC

Danny Ollre - DeltaValve LLC


With the largest installed base of fully automated coke drum unheading valves in the world, DeltaValve understands first-hand the nature of safe, reliable, and efficient equipment in the delayed coker. We are committed to ensuring owners are keenly aware of potential pitfalls which may derail budgeted turnaround and planned outage activities. Preparation and planning through DeltaValve qualified service provide confidence that the overall project scope is well defined, budgets are developed well in advance, and excellent execution plans are in place to minimize total downtime and reduce lost opportunity.

Please join us for an interactive group discussion on DeltaValve turnaround planning, DeltaValve preventative maintenance and DeltaValve qualified service only available through the original equipment manufacturer.

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