Put Us In Coach – We Have the Experience to Increase B/CD by 10%

Presented By

Timothy Gillis - Genesis Reliability Group, Inc.

Conference: Galveston 2020

Put Us In Coach - We Have the Experience to Increase B/CD by 10%By more effectively engaging front line employees, 20 months of continuous improvement increased B/CD in one refinery by 14%, from 68,000 B/CD to 78,500 B/CD. Similar results at a 100,000 B/CD refinery would result in a 14,000 B/CD improvement. At a $10/barrel margin, the yearly margin improvement opportunity is $51.1 million.

The case study of how refinery leaders achieved the above results is the focus of the presentation.

  • The patented data set leaders used to discover the opportunity.
  • The risk management matrix leaders used to broaden support for the continuous improvement initiative.
  • How leaders engaged front line employees in identifying equipment that prevented the refinery from capitalizing on the opportunity.
  • How leaders used the patented data set to to keep front line employees engaged in the continuous improvement initiative.

Tim GillisTim Gillis is Founder and President of Genesis Reliability Group. Tim has more than 40 years of experience implementing effective and efficient improvements to plant operations. He uses his patented benchmarking tool as the platform for better positioning clients to achieve and sustain performance that exceeds stakeholders’ expectations. Tim is a downhill skier and loves spending time on the slopes with his 5 granddaughters and their parents.

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