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Purging Philosophy in Delayed Coker Valves

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Dr. Asmaa Kassab, PhD - MOGAS Industries


In the delayed coker unit (DCU) valves, a key for reliable performance is to be able to prevent process media buildup with efficient body and/or seat purging. Optimal and effective purge system designs extend valve service life and improve their performance. Increasing valve performance while reducing operational and maintenance cost is important to plant profitability. In fact, any buildup due to the lack of inefficient purging in the delayed Coker valve may cause immediate interruption to the process.

Asmaa Kassab, Ph.D. is the R&D Engineer supervisor at MOGAS Industries Inc. She obtained her doctorate degrees in thermal fluid science from Texas A&M. She started her career 7 years ago in Control valves with MOGAS. In her free time, she enjoys being a mom to two adorable boys. She considers the decision of going to Mechanical engineering as one of her proud moments.

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