Preventative Maintenance “Success Stories” through APC at Statoil Mongstadt and Petron Philipines

Presented By

Markus Gandelheidt - IMI Z&J

Conference: Valencia 2018

courtesy of IMI Z&JThe move from historical based Hydraulic Actuation to high-performance Electric Actuation can reduce Delayed Coker maintenance needs. Two success stories, i.e. Statoil Mongstadt and Petron Philippines show how process control can be tracked to improve unheading performance. The “Feed-Back” data collected from both plant operation and our valves are integrated into smart PLC systems that using simple visualization methods can support preventive maintenance of the unheading equipment.

Markus Gandelheidt - IMI Z&JMarkus started at IMI Z&J with an apprenticeship as Turner in 1985. In 1993, he completed an education to State Examined Technician with a focus on manufacturing technologies and moved into the Service Department. In 2003, he became a graduate in technical business management. Since 2014, his is manager of the After Sales Division, after fulfilling this role as Interim in 2013.

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