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Preserving FCC Throughput: Overcoming System Cooling Limits by Alternative Approach

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Michael Karlin - Aggreko Process Services


Preserving FCC Throughput: Overcoming System Cooling Limits by Alternative Approach

courtesy of Aggreko Process Services

Taking a successful holistic approach to increasing production can be measured by the ability to achieve sharper cuts from the main fractionator and downstream gas plant fractionation system, without sacrificing unit throughput. However, inability to manage pressure and temperature conditions within the three major sections of the FCCU (Converter, Main Fractionation, Recovery Section), can easily cancel out investments such as advanced catalyst formulations and improvements to the reactor and regenerator. Considering that FCCs have such high marginal values, the benefits of reducing internal recycle and reflux stream rates by overcoming cooling limits in distillation tower overheads can deliver value, amounting to thousands of dollars per day, or millions of dollars per month. Aggreko can deliver measurable value to all three of the FCCU’s major sections. Experience has demonstrated that each owner/operator has his own particular bottleneck and therefore his own specific interest. This presentation will focus on a case study and real results for each of the three major sections:

Mike Karlin, AggrekoMichael Karlin is Engineering Manager with Aggreko Process Services. His professional career with Aggreko includes engineering solutions to enhance process efficiencies, notably to the petroleum refining industries. Mr. Karlin has a B.Sc. in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.

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