Preparing Amine, Acid Gas and Sour Water vessels for safe entry with the vapor-phase application of an organic solvent and pyrophoric oxidizing agent

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Armand Abay - Refined Technologies

Conference: Valencia 2018

Safe entry into vessels in amine, acid gas and sour water service (Absorbers, Strippers, Drums, Exchangers, etc.) can be expedited by the vapor-phase application of an organic solvent, a novel oxidizing agent and procedural changes after the equipment is removed from service. Historically, procedures for removing hydrocarbon and contaminants and treating pyrophoric materials in this equipment have included lengthy water flushes and water/soap circulation or dilute acid washes. These processes are time-consuming and generate significant amounts of sometimes hazardous effluent that must be disposed of.

Refined Technologies, Inc. (RTI) has significant experience and success over the last 18 years applying best practices in Sour Water Strippers, Amine Absorbers/Strippers, heat exchangers and other vessels. These applications have reduced time to equipment entry, reduced effluent volume, and toxicity and provided predictable starts for maintenance activities.

Armand Abay, RTIArmand Abay is a Vice President with Refined Technologies, Inc. (RTI) in Spring, Texas. In this capacity Armand has provided leadership over a variety of functions within RTI. Mr. Abay has been with RTI since 2009 and in the oil refining industry since graduating from Louisiana State University in 1976 with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering. During his many years in the industry, Mr. Abay served in a number of U.S. refineries with Texaco, Equilon, Motiva and Shell and in varying roles from Process Engineer to Refinery Manager.

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