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Pet Coke Handling: A Safer, More Economical Approach

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Coking can be very dangerous at times due to the need for humans to be present and active in the process of reclaiming the product from the coke drums. Typically coke is either cut into rail cars or dumped onto the ground either in a pit or containment pad. Reclaiming this can be a costly and hazardous process. A technology has been developed to eliminate these issues. So, what is this technology? A Patented Cogar Dewatering System designed to replace old railcar dump operation and coke pit with weir systems with little to no change to existing site conditions. It is a turnkey system with low construction, maintenance, and startup costs. The material is dumped from the drum into a dewatering feeder the feeder retains the coke while letting the water escape. The material is then crushed releasing more of the water and making it easier to handle. Material then goes into a second stage where we size the material to fit your needs and remove the remaining water leaving the product with only residual moisture. This system focuses on eliminating personnel from being near the coking drums, recovering up to 98% of coke without additional handling, reducing spillage from blowouts due to stopped up drums while aiding in clean up time of pit area, protecting sump pump systems, and eliminating water during transportation and reducing product moisture.

In addition to being dangerous the coke fines have proven to be a costly nuisance. Many personnel hours are used to reclaim and handle with current systems. The fines that are not gathered during the reclaim process are pumped to large jet tanks. The pumps are often damaged by the fines and need to be rebuilt or replaced. The average cost of rebuilding one of these pumps is around $85,000.00. Along with pump cost, this technology has eliminated the need for the following: Bridge Crane, Rail Car, Rail Car Positioner, Multiple personal and Crusher Car. Including a bulk storage bin-feeder and batch loading systems you can reduce material handling and fuel cost, in addition to wear and tear on your loaders.
Safety Advantages of the new technology includes: Men are no longer in volatile areas, hot pet coke is transferred from the Coke Drum to the dewatering tank and the Coke is contained throughout the process. With actuated gate valves, level sensors and zero speed switches operators are no longer near the equipment. Fully enclosed systems minimize dust and exposure to nearby workers and facilities.
Maintenance Advantages of the new technology includes: We typically recommend a two unit system one unit runs for two weeks then is pulled out and the other unit is placed under drum. Then maintenance is performed on the first unit while out from under the drum in an open safe environment. The crusher and conveyor components are readily accessible for minimal downtime, access doors and make routine maintenance quick and easy, and for systems with multiple units, rail or crawler mounted systems are available for quick interchange. We typically change out systems in less than two hours.

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