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PBF Turn Around and Start Up Lessons Learned

Presented By

Marie Wright - PBF Energy

Isaac Oboka - PBF Energy

Kerri Holt - PBF Energy


PBF Paulsboro Refinery had a turnaround in 4th quarter 2018 and this presentation will discuss the turnaround and start up lessons learned. The heater pigging operation, transfer line hydroblasting and Delta Valve BUD removal for repairs after 9 years of operation will be discussed. Start up lesson learned on poor fractionator level instrumentation which lead to an upset causing the unit to come down for tower repairs will be discussed.

PBF Torrance Refinery completed a turnaround in 1st quarter 2019 and this presentation will also discuss the turnaround and start up lessons learned. The 3 heaters were successfully pigged by DeBusk after pigging was replaced by armadillo hydroblasing over 10 years ago. Transfer line hydroblasting was successful using a borescope for determining cleanliness. About 5000 feet of piping was replaced for mechanical integrity and was on schedule utilizing 3D modeling. Sluiceway inserts were installed for safety enhancement to prevent personnel injury.

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