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Optimizing FCC Maintenance Shutdowns During High Margins

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Christopher Dean -

Al English -


This roundtable is a multidiscipline discussion on CatCracker shutdowns. Presentations will be given on benefits and pitfalls of various approaches:

  1. Delays
  2. Intentionally extending the duration between shutdowns
  3. Shortening and limiting the scope of the shutdowns

What are the considerations during a period of high margins?
What are the safety aspects of delaying and running at risk?
Panelists will give a brief perspective on their field of expertise:

  1. Extending the Creep Life of a High Temperature Refinery Reactor
    – Jerry Wilks – CITGO Lemont
  2. How to Make the Proper Slurry Pump Selection for FCCU Bottoms and Product Applications
    – Lawrence Pumps
  3. FCC Valve Maintenance
    – TapcoEnpro
  4. FCC AIR – Access, Inspection & Rescue
    – Andrew Hodgkinson – Axess AS
  5. FCCU Maintenance Shutdown Strategies: Unplanned Versus Scheduled Outages
    – C.J. Farley – Astron Inc.

We’ll also explore maintenance to do outside of a TA to stretch time between TAs.

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