Optimized Performance with Predictive Maintenance in Delayed Coker Units

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Raimar Hellwig - Metso Flow Control

Conference: Valencia 2018

courtesy of MetsoProcess plants are built of many expensive capital assets. Thousands of pieces of equipment must work together reliably to produce finished products. The unplanned failure of a single piece of equipment may cost millions in lost production.

Preventive and predictive maintenance strategies have delivered results in some areas, such as vibration analysis on rotating equipment. These programs have succeeded because they have a strong combination of good measurements, historical records & trending and trained personnel. A similar approach can be applied to instruments and control valves improving reliability and performance at a low cost.

Raimar Hellwig - MetsoRaimar Hellwig is Business Manager at Metso Flow Control for Europe and India. Within the past 13 years Raimar has worked in sales, sales engineering and product management.

He can be found either striving to execute growth strategies and bringing valve solutions to customers or otherwise pushing himself for faster times in one of the city marathon races nearby.


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