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Opening Process Equipment (OPE) – ExxonMobil Best Practice

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Mitchell Moloney - ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical B.V.B.A


ExxonMobil has put together “Guidelines For Establishing Critical Life Safety Measures”. This Best Practice identifies and addresses hazards associated with Energy Isolation (EI), Opening Process Equipment (OPE), and Confined Space Entry (CSE) work. Critical Life Safety Measures and the associated Layers of Protection (LoP’s) are those items that are directly related to Life Safety where it is necessary to provide more specific guidance to ensure safeguards areadequate. The LoP detail is intended to minimize variability in interpretation and increase site-to-site consistency. The presentation will review basics of incidents that drive a high-level OPE standard across the corporation and discuss key safety points for general equipment and a batch process, like Delayed Coking.

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