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On-Demand Operational Training: Hands-on Anywhere, Anytime

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Travis Duckro - GSE Solutions


Online training supported by new technologies for self-paced and collaborative learning has been accelerating in recent years. The recent challenges due to the pandemic as made this trend even more pronounced given that learners and trainers have to reach their learning goals from a distance. The presentation will review a variety of types of learning content including computer-based tutorials, embedded videos, free-form simulation use as well as scripted simulation exercises accompanied by a range of competency assessment mechanisms.

The presentation will cover several areas:

This type of training delivery has been adopted in other industries such as oil and gas and in this time of COVID-19, the ability deliver training to workers at home has been invaluable. The ability to run simulation scenarios either independently or with instructor intervention has provided great flexibility. Combining simulation exercises with objective critical thinking exercises provides competency assessments needed when students are learning asynchronously.

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