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Next Generation Tooling Technologies for Coker Vessel Life Extension

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Pedro Amador - AZZ Infrastructure


The tooling currently in use for the installation of coker life extension upgrades such as structural overlays was developed more than 10 years ago. With some variations in quality, reliability and efficiency, all the current service providers utilize a similar vintage technology that evolved from the original tooling developed by AZZ WSI to provide the service. Controls technologies available today made it possible to develop next generation systems that will significantly outperform what is currently in use. Also, the availability of portable vision and field processing systems, combined with investments made in laboratory fatigue testing of coker representative samples has made it possible to develop tooling to perform field quality evaluation to correct deficiencies in the repair using acceptance criteria specific to the potential failure modes that affect delayed coker vessels.

This presentation will discuss a new generation of automated tooling systems available in 2021 and describe how the combination of these tools will be used to provided advanced life extension repairs that address limitations of the current technology.

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