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New FCCU Reactor Isolation Valve Technology

Presented By

- TapcoEnpro


Excessive purge steam consumption and valve designs which underestimate actual line loads are current issues with some FCCU reactor isolation valves. These issues and others can cause significant operational and safety problems within the FCCU.

In March 2016, TapcoEnpro installed a FCCU reactor isolation valve which addresses these FCCU valve issues through utilization of industry-proven coke drum unheading valve technology, requiring positive sealing for extremely hazardous applications. This technology has proven to be extremely safe, reliable, tight sealing and maintenance free in delayed coking and now for the first time is being utilized in FCCU applications. The FCCU reactor isolation valve was installed between the fractionator and the reactor and will be used to blind the line during turnarounds.

During our presentation we will discuss the valve technology, motivating factors for the refinery to make the first installation and current updates on the valve’s performance.

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