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More Propylene in Existing FCC Units and Revamps

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Christopher Dean - High Olefins FCC Technology Services


To present and discuss producing more propylene in conventional FCC’s. In their current operating modes and feedstocks, various operating variables and catalysts options will be discussed. But to achieve significant propylene yields with different feedstocks such as tight oils, revamp hardware changes utilizing high olefin FCC (HOFCC) technology will be presented. The applications of these new technologies in gasoline mode and with the trend in producing diesel and propylene from the conventional FCC will be reviewed. Concerns to be aware of with revamping existing FCC’s that will be operating in these high propylene modes will also be discussed. Finally, the goal of this presentation is to stimulate ideas in revamp opportunities utilizing lighter and different feedstocks and diesel operating modes for producing high yields of propylene for discussion.

FCC Revamp Solutions
with Harvey McQuiston, Technip and Johnny Highfield, Marathon Petroleum

The US has the largest capacity of FCC units in the world, most of which was installed prior to 1985. These vintage units have the opportunity to be revamped to install the same technology being used in modern grassroots FCC units around the world today, but at a fraction of the cost. This roundtable discusses the global trends in grassroots FCCs that are driving the technology improvements today and how these same improvements can be easily incorporated in existing FCCs.

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