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MOL Group Strategy 2030

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Miika Eerola - MOL Group


The external environment is changing more rapidly than ever before carrying the risk of decreasing demand for fossil fuels in the long-term, while at the same time customer habits and needs are also rapidly changing. MOL Group has the capability, the financial means, and the professional know-how to use the momentum to leverage previous successes and build on the opportunities provided by the changing environment.

Through the implementation of MOL Group 2030, we will deliver long-term growth and offer the financial community a best-in class investment case.

The key pillars of the MOL Group Strategy 2030 are the following:

MOL group strategy 2030 at RefComm BudapestStrengthen and sustain MOL’s regional leadership position in CEE. MOL Group shall sustain its regional leadership in its core businesses, become a leading chemical group in CEE, be the customer’s’ first choice serving their diverse and changing needs with the right products and services, and become the primary source for mobility solutions and innovations, while offering growing and competitive returns to its shareholders. MOL aims at increasing its fuels market share in the broader CEE region to 25 – 30% from slightly above 20% currently and will belong to the top quartile of the sector in terms of its unit profitability.

This presentation addresses refining, petrochemicals, and chemicals, retail, exploration, and production, embracing innovation and new business directions.

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