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Meeting Sulfur Emissions Specifications: Tail gas Treatment Fundamentals and How to Optimize a “Vintage” Tail Gas Treatment Unit

Presented By

Muhammad Hassan Qureshi - BASF, OASE Gas Treating Excellence


trainingThe total sulfur recovery rate of an SRU is one key parameter for the efficiency of the entire complex. However, improving the performance of the CLAUS Tail Gas Treatment Unit(TGTU) provides some feasible, and very cost-effective, options to lower the sulfur emissions.

BP and BASF jointly evaluated this option for an existing TGT unit at the BP refinery site in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and then proceeded to implementation.

Based on some TGT design fundamentals, this paper will show how to change the performance of a “vintage unit” by optimizing the operation with a new selective solvent development of BASF’s OASE® yellow Technology portfolio.

In conclusion, the paper will provide some operating data from the TGTU, both before and after the optimization, and supply some “rules of thumb” for the audience.

Hassan Qureshi

Hassan Qureshi is working for BASF Gas Treating as Licensing Manager for Selective Sulphur Technologies for North and South America. He has been with BASF for 15 years and prior to relocating to North America, he was based in the Middle East. He enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures.

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