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Maximizing FCC Profits By Matching Refinery Catalyst Needs in Dynamic Market Conditions

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Nihan Dulger - BASF


Maximizing FCC Profits By Matching Refinery Catalyst Needs in Dynamic Market ConditionsThe Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) plays a critical role in determining refiners’ overall profitability. It is of utmost importance to maximize the flexibility in FCC process to effectively respond to dynamic market conditions. The flexibility in FCC operation depends on various factors including operational constraints and catalyst features. BASF has a diverse catalyst portfolio and an extensive FCC technical expertise that can provide refiners with the flexibility to optimize FCCs. This presentation will cover the utilization of various FCC catalysts solutions as a technology application to minimize the value loss as a result of the shifts in FCC economics and optimize operations. In addition, a couple of refinery examples will be discussed in detail.

_213_Nihan_Dulger_BASF_HeadshotNihan Dulger is a technology application engineer for the BASF refining catalyst group. She is responsible for FCC kinetic modeling, analyzing operating data and economics through utilization of various digitalization platforms to find optimized catalyst solutions for customers. Nihan joined BASF in 2017 and prior to catalyst team, she worked in central research RA as a scientist.  She holds a BS in chemical engineering from Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey) and MSc in chemical and bioprocess engineering from Hamburg University of Technology (Hamburg, Germany).

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