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Maintenance “Success Stories” on Delayed Coking Bottom Unheading Valves

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Elke Baum - IMI Z&J


Delayed Coking Bottom Unheading Valves

Carrying out the analysis of the Delayed Coking Bottom Unheading valve design evolution, IMI Z&J explains the advantages of the on-deck maintenance system in terms of reduced downtime, reduced number of parts removed or even, and the fact that no major maintenance of valve internals is required.

This presentation will review three success stories of customers based in Spain, India and Norway and confirm in practice the advantages.

Elke BaumElke Baum is Director of Design Authority within IMI Petrochemical. She started her career at IMI Z&J in 1993 in the engineering department. Elke graduated as a mechanical engineer from the University of Applied Science in Aachen, Germany. Within IMI Z&J she gained experience in various departments including engineering, project management and sales. In her free time, she likes going to ski and go mountain biking.


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