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Licensing an EPC Project – Case Study on a Fully Modularized SRU and AGE Package for Gas Field in Egypt

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Alessandro Buonomini - KT - Kenetic Technology S.p.A

Armando Costantini - KT - Kenetic Technology S.p.A


The purpose of this paper is to describe the advanced and customized solutions selected by KT – Kinetics Technology to develop the Licensing, Engineering, and Procurement of the SRU-TGTU to be installed in the Sour Gas processing facilities of one of the largest Gas Field lately discovered in Egypt.

Each SRU (4 packages), with a capacity of 26 t/d, is integrated with the Acid Gas Enrichment section based on the KT Multipurpose™ technology.

The innovations introduced in this project involve both management and the technological aspects.

The project organization was deeply modified in order to deliver the plant to be ready for gas-in by the end of 2017 having received the Award in May 2016. The organization of the engineering activities was re-imaged by making engineering and process design work in parallel. Modularization of the plant has been taken into account from the beginning speeding up the engineering and the construction activities. As result, the first modules complete with piping and equipment will be delivered to the site only 9 months after the kickoff.

The main technological issues consist in very lean acid gas from AGR and with a high content of impurities (mercaptans and BTEX), the flexibility of operation requested and the Sulphur Recovery Efficiency of 99.9% together with the emission regulation.

The H2S content (from 4.2% to 15% vol of H2S) with the low turndown and the presence of impurities required optimization of both H2S enrichment and co-firing to guarantee smooth operation and performances in all operating cases.

Beside the SRE of 99.9%, the fulfillment of SO2 emission (i.e. 150 mg/Nm3) has been achieved by recovering also the H2S from liquid sulfur degassing and storage section. In addition, the high mercaptans presence in the Acid Gas confirmed at Project started has required the introduction of a flue gas SO2 removal system to be installed in a later stage with the SRU package in operation.

The track record of this important project confirms KT commitments to support a sustainable technology capable of minimizing the environmental impact and to complete the Project with an extremely compressed schedule.

Alessandro Buonomini, KT, presenter at RefComm Budapest 2017Alessandro Buonomini, chemical engineer graduated at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, is working on Sulphur Recovery & Tail Gas Treatment since 2003 when he joined KT – Kinetics Technology S.p.A. Since 2012 he holds the position of Sulphur Group Leader in the Process Department of KT leading more than 20 Process Engineer.



Armando Costantini-KT-presenter at RefComm Budapest 2017Armando Costantini, graduated from the University of Bologna “Alma Mater Studiorum”, is a process engineer with 10 years’ experience on Sulphur Recovery & Tail Gas Treatment. Since 2008, when he started working in KT – Kinetics Technology S.p.A., he has increased his knowledge in Sulphur technologies being involved in several Basic and EPC projects. After a brief experience as process engineer, he has gained his operating experience by supporting site activities as Licensor during plant start-up and test-run.

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