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Level Measurement in DCU and FCC Fractionators – Challenges and Solutions

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Dr. Jan Sielk - Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co KG


Berthold TechnologyFacing the known problems of conventional level measurement technologies in the fractionators of DCU and FCC processes, we will give insight into the advantages of a nuclear level measurement in these distillation bottoms. We will explain the physical background of nucleonic gauges to understand how effects like foaming and scaling affect the level reading and discuss the main differences to other measurement principles. Since every physical method has its own limitations, we will explain how to interpret and calibrate this important measurement. Finally, we will advise on necessary precautions during the engineering phase to avoid false readings.

Jan Sielk, Berthold TechnologyAfter his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry Dr. Jan Sielk joined Berthold Technologies in Germany in 2011. He started as a Product Manager for radiometric / nuclear gauges and took over the Product Management and Marketing department in 2015. In his free time he enjoys traveling and playing badminton in a local team.

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