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Lessons Learned in the Operation and Maintenance of a Coke Cutting System in Conditions with Frequent Earthquakes

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Claudio Hormazabal - ENAP

Daniel Lopez - Ruhrpumpen


The fact that Chile is exposed to frequent seismic activities, as well as the DCU, is installed in an area of possible earthquakes, the installation, operation & maintenance of coke the cutting system has an additional very important point of view. During the last 10 years of operation, several adjustments and modifications were discussed and implemented to guarantee a more reliable and safer DCU. This was done during several lessons learned meetings as well as technical discussion between ENAP and Ruhrpumpen.

Claudio Hormazabal - ENAPClaudio Hormazábal is a  Coker/Alky Plant Manager, with 20 years of experience  as a Chemical Engineer. He spent 15 years of his career with ENAP. Working in ENAP he joined in 2006 to the Coker Complex Project where he participated as Project Engineer and later to be appointed as leader of  the Operations team to training, commissioned and start-up the CoKing unit. He Holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, a MBA from Adolfo Ibañez University and a Coaching certification.



Daniel Lopez, RuhrpumpenDaniel Lopez is the Decoking Product Line Manager for Ruhrpumpen – Germany. He received his M.S. in Engineering in 2013 and has worked for Ruhrpumpen in several different capacities to the present.

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