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Isolation Valve Workshop

Presented By

Fil Jimenez - CIRCOR | DeltaValve

Ken Krause - CIRCOR | DeltaValve

Tommy Conine - CIRCOR | DeltaValve

Rick Torres - CIRCOR | DeltaValve

Danny Ollre - CIRCOR | DeltaValve


For refiners with delayed cokers, isolation valves are critical to safe and profitable unit operations. Historically, ball valve and wedge-plug valves have been utilized in many of these applications, but both designs are expensive to purchase, install, operate, and maintain.

DeltaValve’s Delayed Coker Isolation Valve technology is unique. Modeled after the successful design of the world’s first fully automated bottom and top unheading valves, which seal to the atmosphere, the single gate and dynamic seat design offers tight shut off as well as the lowest steam consumption in the industry. The high cycle internals are configured for shut-off as well as throttling applications and designed to operate from turnaround to turnaround minimizing downtime and maximizing reliability and refinery profitability. Additionally, the top entry design allows for in-line serviceability, making it possible for all internals to be replaced without removing the valve body from the line.

DeltaValve’s presentation will focus on the advantages of its gate isolation valve technology and how it is growing in popularity as a proven 1-valve replacement for what has historically been a 2-valve arrangement. Additionally, this technology is becoming well known as a throttling valve to control back-warming vapors to significantly increase drum preheat temperatures and reduce overall drum cycle times. We look forward to sharing examples and operational feedback from satisfied customers.

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