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Inspection and Repair Techniques for Coke Drums: an Interactive Discussion

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Workgroup - CIA Inspection, Stress Engineering Services, Inc., AZZ WSI, Ameriscan LLC., Dynamics USA, Becht Engineering Co. Inc.


This workshop will focus primarily on inspection and some repair techniques for coke drums. Industry experts will show equipment, give hands on demonstrations, and share techniques to optimize the mechanical integrity of these critical pieces of fixed equipment. The session will endeavor to cover all the common areas of coke drum inspection such as internal inspection, laser scanning with robotic crack detection, external 3D scanning, phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT), acoustic emission (AE), equipment health monitoring systems (strain gauges and thermocouples). For repair, we will be reviewing robotic automated structural weld overlay. If you have ever been curious how these inspections or repairs are done or maybe read a report summarizing the results of this type of work, this is your opportunity to come and see how it is done firsthand.

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