Innovative Solutions For Coke Drum Life Extensions

Presented By

Miguel Lopez - DeltaValve

Conference: Rio de Janiero 2014

With the introduction of safe, reliable, fully automated coke drum unheading valves by DeltaValve in 2001, many refiners we able to change crude slates and reduce cycle times, resulting in increased coker throughput and profitability. However, these process changes have also contributed to accelerated coke drum cracking, warping, and other drum issues.

In response to these new challenges, DeltaValve developed the industry’s first fully retractable center-feed injection device. The retractable center-feed device connects to the side inlet on the coke drum and creates resid flow patterns similar to what was achieved with traditional bottom inlet feed, by feeding resid up the center of the coke drum. The center-feed creates more equal, center-balanced flow patterns throughout the drum, decreasing hot-spots, top head blowouts, and significantly increasing drum stability. By minimizing drum movement, drum cracking and other drum issues have been significantly minimized.

Please join DeltaValve for its presentation of the retractable center-feed injection device, including lessons learned from approximately three years in service.

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